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We have multiple courses planned, the first course is Timmy’s Nightmare. Students will learn how to utilize Unreal Engine 4 to make a complete 2D platformer. The course will include game interaction, physics, artificial intelligence, sprite based animation, procedural animation, and much more. The other courses will be released if we receive enough funds from the kickstarter campaign.
Timmy’s Nightmare is a 2D platformer where you play as Timmy in a nightmare-ish alternate reality. Timmy must overcome his fears in order to survive.
Ice Drifter is a 2.5D platformer where the player is in constant motion. It takes place within an ice cave fraught with danger. You must transport your cargo before natural disaster strikes!
Space Goblins is a 2D fighter where you play as a stranded warrior in space. You must fight through hordes of extraterrestrial goblins to recover your ship and escape the planet.
Skookumscript is a sophisticated, robust, easy to learn programming language, which was designed specifically for the real-time interactive nature of games and applications in the 21st century. It is the language that will be used for our courses.
The language was in development for over 20 years and it is used by over 500 companies and independent developers. It has been battle tested from AAA studios all the way down to solo developers.
It has very high level constructs such as coroutines, the ability to alter scripts/classes while the game is running, and a component/entity system built into the language itself. That all sounds great but what about speed, does the language perform well with all these features? Absolutely! The cornerstone of the language is the coroutine… When using coroutines, which you’ll be using a lot throughout this course, computational overhead nearly vanishes. Skookumscript not only competes with C++ in performance, but is faster most of the time.
As of right now, Unreal Engine 4 does not have a good, modern, programming language to interface with, which is very unfortunate. You are either stuck with C++, an archaic language that is hard to use and hard to optimize, or Blueprints, which is not even a programming language in the first place! If a team tries to collaborate using Blueprints, they must throw away all the version control technology and tools that have made team involvement a breeze!
Skookumscript will be used to fill the void between the two.
When working through this course, you’ll slowly notice how much Skookumscript will not only simplify features of Unreal Engine 4, but will completely replace them! In fact, while the developers of DigitalScribes were working with Skookumscript, we began writing our entire game purely in Skookumscript. Not only were our games more efficient, which is unbelievable, the logic behind the games was immensely simplified. The entire development process began to “flow” in ways we had never experienced with other technologies. Let us help you get into the “flow”, let us help you become a master programmer!
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About Us
Digital Scribes is an interactive learning platform. We take a pedagogically sound approach towards educating students by using games as an impetus for cognitive enhancement.
We have over a decade of teaching, design, and programming experience. Our methodologies will assist you in becoming a programmer and developing games.
Hello, my name is Jacob. I have been programming for approximately 6 years. I was teaching at a private school and realized that books are a boring, stale medium for the transference of knowledge.
I ascertained that we have been inundated with an excess of external stimuli from media. Our brains have been rewired, due to brain plasticity, to filter out information, because of the extraordinary amount of information that we receive currently. It is my view that the vernacular of the student today is media.
I believe that this, media explosion, has given rise to the “everyone has ADD” phenomenon that we are now observing. I do not think that everyone has ADD, I believe that our brains have merely adapted to our environment.
To combat this problem, I decided I would implement a new curriculum that has a stronger, more stimulating effect on the brain. A curriculum that involved an interactive medium, instead of the standard static tome we refer to as books. I started to program this curriculum into existence, however, I lacked the requisite knowledge for the creation of this medium. Thus, I began to intensely study Mathematics, Game Programming, and AI.
I ended up going to Harvard and received a Masters of Mathematics with a concentration in Teaching. I currently teach programming and mathematics at Strem in Georgia. I am still trying to make a curriculum for all the ADDites out there.
Hey, I’m Travis. I’ve been a programmer for about 10 years and an artist for about 5 years. I’ve been an independent programmer ever since I started, developing games and engines from scratch just to see how things tick.
I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of software design, at a technical level. This fascination has lead me to explore the many ideas behind game engines and how data flows through memory. However, many times throughout my studies, I’ve been lead astray and was taught what is known as ‘industry standard’ programming. This may be strange to hear, but this negatively impacted my growth as a developer.
So I decided to step back and analyze the problems with current ideologies of programming and software design. Knowing that I was independent in my journey of developing games, I needed to find a solution that would not only accommodate the challenges of working alone, but also allow me to develop software at a safer and faster pace.
I’m overly excited to share with you what I’ve learned throughout my years of studies and to prepare you for your own journey as a programmer so that you will have an edge over your competition.
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